Facility Management

In residential management as well as in the management of utility-buildings commercial items are highly complicated. Administrative staff-members may be overstrained, if they have to deal with technical issues also. A reliable partner, with lots of expertise and experience with existing buildings, helps to inform owners and communities properly and to find proposals. They will base on robust figures concerning costs, deadlines and procedures.

The fiduciary implementation of decisions starts with exact plans and texts for the information of the craftsmen followed by guarding the contractual obligations of the enterprises.

The range of activities is very broad, so hereafter there are mentioned only a few examples.
For your specific needs, please don't hesite to contact us: sv@j-haake.de


  • Invitation of tenders - Allocation - Accounting
  • Organizing the procedure, appointments with owners and tenants
  • Supervision of execution within inhabited objects
  • Backing of acceptance-meetings

Recurring Audits (Wiederkehrende Prüfungen)

  • Collecting and checking of documents
  • Making of basic drawings
  • Accompaniment of expert-meetings

Direction in Existing Buildings

  • Responsible supervision
  • Communication und organization with tenants and users

Investigation on Buildingdamages

  • Investigation of causes
  • Involving further experts if necessary
  • Concepts for renovation
  • Drawings and reporting
  • Calculation of costs
  • Presentation to owners

Planning of Investments

  • Due Diligence and Feasebility Studies
  • Checking remaining lifetime of buildings
  • Calculation of investments
  • Reports and presentations

Planning within Existing Buildings

  • complete renovations
  • Planning conversions and extensions